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Conceptual & Architecture

In an era where only the most effective organizations survive, development managers are looking for ways to reduce the cost, risk, and time required to develop software applications. WebDB Technologies offers cost-effective development

Web Designer & Developer

WebDB Technologies did exactly what they said they would: Developed our application on time, within budget, and accurately. They met all of our expectations.” – Product Manager, Healthstream, Inc.

Business Consultant

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About WebDB Technologies

  • Stay Focused

    Often, organizations face a choice between pursuing new opportunities and ensuring that the needs of existing customers are being met. WebDB can outsource development projects that would distract an in-house team from supporting its core business requirements. Our ability to operate as a self-sufficient development unit, with its own project management, technical leadership, and development staff allows our clients to concentrate on the things they do best, while knowing that outsourced projects are being successfully executed.

  • Reduce Costs

    Most of our clients already have a software development team in place. Unfortunately, the cost associated with the development team is fixed, regardless of its actual productivity. Many internal and external factors, including turnover, morale, and workload can negatively affect developer productivity, and increase development costs.
    The fact is that WebDB can often complete a software development project in less time, with lower risk, and at less cost than it can be completed internally. WebDB only charges for actual development hours, and these costs are fixed at the start of a project. Clients gain maximum efficiency without long-term commitments.

  • Minimize Risk

    In software development, what you don’t know can hurt you. Often, software development projects call for the use of technologies with which the in-house development team has little experience. This lack of experience increases the risk factors that lead to cost overruns and schedule slips.
    WebDB has extensive experience in almost every major web-based development environment and database technology, and can create a fixed cost plan for the entire project that allows our clients to accurately budget software development expenditures. This allows our customers to avoid much of the risk traditionally associated with software development.

  • Save Time

    Many software development projects are under strict timeline constraints. WebDB Technologies can dramatically increase the capacity applied to a development project in a risk controlled, cost-effective manner by operating as an additional, self-sufficient development unit, with its own project management, technical leadership, and development staff.
    Our ability to quickly ramp up development capacity can help to turn around projects that are behind schedule, or allow a client to take advantage of an unplanned opportunity for which insufficient resources exist.

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Software Development and Maintenance

  • Business Environment

    In today’s business environment, software vendors are under tremendous pressure to take advantage of new opportunities for growth while maintaining and enhancing their existing applications. Maintaining a development staff that is sufficient to handle the peak workload is not always economically viable.

    WebDB Technologies can assist software vendors with feature code development for new product releases, or assume responsibility for enhancement of existing products. WebDB Technologies develops web-enabled database applications using either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, and have experience using all major Web-based development environments including Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages, Java, and Cold Fusion, as well as middleware platforms such as BEA Logic and Enterprise Java Beans.

E-Learning Solutions

  • E-Learning Implementation

    WebDB Technologies helps organizations evaluate different learning technologies, as well as offering 'end-to-end' e-learning solutions necessary to align training objectives with business goals. WebDB’s support is throughout the planning, implementation and support stages of an e-learning initiative. Technology is changing the way we do business daily, and sometimes there are so many factors and choices with e-learning initiatives, it is daunting, if not impossible, to understand what you need to know to make the best possible decision with the greatest ROI.

  • Content Development and Re-purposing

    WebDB Technologies has qualified and trained content developers that can assist you in achieving return on investment (ROI) faster with the addition of web-based training to your learning solution. WebDB uses best practice instructional design and technology tools that allow for standardization of content design. WebDB developers are experienced in most major content authoring tools, as well as native web technologies. We also offer multi-lingual capabilities. Re-purposing existing content will give you the ability to use previously developed content, deploying in a manner that fits the audience’s need. WebDB can integrate courses directly to your learning system and ensure functionality is utilized.

  • Computer Simulation Training

    Computer Simulation is the ultimate tool for interactive training and developing critical thinking skills. Simulation allows students to learn and make mistakes in a non-threatening, risk free environment. Simulations create a model of a real world system, mimicking the systems performance and allowing students to get as close the real thing as possible. Long used in high-end training situations such as aviation and the military, the advent of Internet technologies has dramatically widened the possible situations where simulation-based applications would be cost effective.

    Typical applications include:
    .IT application training
    .Process training Sales and Customer Service training.


At WebDB Technologies, we have the business expertise and depth of technical skills necessary for projects of varying scope and complexity. Our staff of experienced architects, technical account managers, and developers has proven again and again the ability to quickly develop quality products on time and on budget.

We work with our clients to take projects from the idea or concept phase straight through to completed products. Our methodical approach gives our clients complete project control, with the opportunity for input at every step in the process, ensuring that the project will be completed with all exp ectations met or exceeded. Our ability to work transparently insures that we are an integrated, not separated, part of our client’s development process.

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Why Engauge Us?

  • Experience

    We have been in business throughout the boom and bust of the dot com, we have seen the good and the bad. Our experience with architecting, designing and building systems reflects all those hard-learned lessons. Make that work for you.

  • Execution

    We are good at executing our projects, this is how we built our reputation. Delivery plans are continually updated and shared with our clients.

  • Quality

    Over the years, we have perfected our quality assurance best practices and incorporated them into our development.


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